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ux thursday

UX Thursday #61

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We welcome Laboratory Diagnostics Day with a portion of assessments, analyzes and statistics. Accessibility guidelines discussed in the context of machine learning algorithms and SEO principles have come under scrutiny today. In the package we also have advice on how to create a solid foundation for the project and how to use mentoring. This is complemented by the results of a study that sheds light on how the work of graphic designers is perceived.

The recipe for inclusive AI

We start with Artikel Samuel Proulx describing the imperfections of artificial intelligence algorithms. The expert evaluates the effects of AI from the point of view of the person who deals with accessibility issues on a daily basis, showing what else intelligent systems have to learn and what issues need to be taken into account in this process.

Accessibility and SEO

The topic of accessibility also touches on a brief video Cooper Hollmaier (supplemented by an accessible transcript). An SEO specialist hints at what makes content accessible to search engines, but above all to users with different skills and needs. And since we're on SEO, accessibility improvements, and videos, it's worth a refresh stats for subtitles that complement the video content.

Design Foundations

Trys Mudford suggests how to systematize the design process. Author of the entry justifies the proposed approach in several points and points out the benefits of the project team using a language based on a jointly developed foundation.

Challenges of working with graphic designers

Stefanija Tenekedjieva presents results of a study on cooperation with graphic designers. The ManyPixels team checked, among other things, how respondents perceive communication with designers, the quality of their work or timeliness. There is no shortage of quotes from surveys and tips to help solve the most common problems when outsourcing.

UX Mentoring Guide

For people who are thinking about developing (or starting) a career as a UX designer, the CareerFoundry team recommends finding a mentor. Emerson Schroeter prepared an extensive itinerary after mentoring, from which you will learn, among others, where to look for support, how to use it effectively and what forms mentoring can take.

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