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ux thursday

UX Thursday #63

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Today is Hugging Day, but the attentive should look at one more card from the calendar in our graphic. Holding your loved one, pet or stuffed animal in your arms, take a look at our selected articles about the advantages of hiring rough diamonds and native applications for mobile devices. We also found a lot of content related to analyzing the needs and motivations of users and a small addition (loosely) referring to today's holiday.

Hiring young talent

Stella Guan argues that when looking for new members of your team, it is not always necessary to be guided by rigid criteria for assessing the qualifications of candidates. Article addresses the issues of supporting young talents in gaining work experience and indicates the benefits of the approach presented by the author.

Use of native mobile applications

On the Baymard Institute blog, Mark Crowley presents an extensive elaboration on the use of native mobile applications. The author discusses the conclusions of several hundred quality tests and indicates the factors determining the satisfaction of users of smartphone applications. In the text you will also find some comments on the convergence of UX recommendations for mobile sites and adequate applications.

Accessibility Analysis Tools

Nic Chan replenished the resources of Smashing Magazine with itinerary after accessibility testing tools. Regardless of how well you handle the issues of implementing good practices in the area of accessibility, it is worth reaching out to the solutions presented in the summary from time to time.

Automation of UX analysis

The presentation of one of the tools supporting the detection of patterns in user behavior is an opportunity for Paulina Walkowiak and Kamila Kotowska to share Tips on the analysis of user paths. Find out what to look out for during such a process and to what extent intelligent algorithms support design decisions in the area of UX.

Anthropologist in a digitized world

From the Financial Times by Gillian Tett translators, why engineers' assumptions about cyberspace user behavior sometimes turn out to be wrong, and how anthropological research helps gain insight into the complex, multilayered motivations that result from human diversity.

For dessert, a project from Behance with a name corresponding to today's holiday - if you are interested in the final result, take a look at the prototype linked in Presentations.

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