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ux thursday

UX Thursday #67

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On the International Day of the Dog we dedicate an entry to the quadrupeds who, taking care of our well-being and physical condition, support the daily work at Ideacto. In the intervals between walks and pampering our pets, we spread texts about the necessary skills and ethics in the work of a UX designer, the support of the design process by specialists in a given field and the specifics of creating digital educational tools. There was also a presentation of projects referring to today's holiday.

Soft skills and UX design

We start with a visit to the Brainhub blog, where Jan Stulin shares his comments on soft competencies in the work of a UX designer. The author suggests in which areas such skills complement the designer's knowledge and experience and what role they play in the integration of individual parts of the design process.

Collaboration with domain experts

WITH text From Neil Turner, you will learn where to look for support when facing a project that requires specialist knowledge. Find out in what circumstances the help of experts in a particular field may be necessary and what to look out for when working with them.

UX in Education

The school year is fast approaching, so take a look at the rules for creating EdTech products. An opportunity for this can be published by Sean Oakes on the preparation of the UX team and the specifics of designing modern tools supporting pedagogical processes and effective teaching.

The responsibility of the designer again

Tim Frick, already familiar to you, encourages this time to face the issue of designer ethics in the context of unfair practices in e-commerce. The author promoting digital business responsibility presents 11 ways to sustainably develop digital products and services in e-commerce.

Canine UX

Finally, two examples of projects whose creators had the opportunity to study the needs of tetrapods. MaKenna Berger presents a platform for comprehensive dog care, and Jorge Rafael recounts about his work on an app to facilitate the adoption of a canine friend. For dessert we leave you a humorous text About the rules of usefulness for dogs published a few years ago on the website of the Nielsen Norman Group.

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