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ux thursday

UX Thursday #73

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Today's summary is an attempt to look at our work in a broader perspective. That's why we follow the evolution of the Internet, preview the work of UX researchers in the other hemisphere, and take a look at upcoming design trends. By the way, we check what is characterized by clean design and how SEO can affect voice search. On World Quit Smoking Day, we're also adding an extra text* with addictions in the background.

Internet of Things

The i-Scoop agency presents the concept of the Internet of Everything considered as the next phase of the development of the global network. Authors discuss among other things, challenges related to digital transformation and changing technological realities, indirectly indicating to designers the directions of development of digital products. For those addicted to letters, we suggest supplementing the reading with a chapter from the extensive Elaboration Leverege team on UI/UX design for IoT devices.

UX in the world - Africa

AllAfrica describes a UX survey conducted by the agency YUX in 17 African countries. Inherently curious UX researchers will find in article link to the report, which summarizes the information collected in interviews and surveys on the challenges and methodologies of conducting research with users on the hot continent.

Overview of design trends for 2022

The coming end of the year is traditionally heralded by a growing number of texts on design trends in 2022. See what (and if) will surprise you Compendium on the UIUX Trend portal.

Clean design

Entries on the Fireart blog, he argues that a clean design does not have to be minimalist. The concise text consists of some specific comments on the creation of a clean design and an indication of the benefits of using the proposed approach.

Voice Search Optimization

Article provided by Webdesign-Inspiration encourages you to take an interest in search optimization with the help of a voice interface. The authors discuss changes in the way the Internet resources are used and give 8 ways to optimize them.

*John Voss takes up the topic of addictive patterns in UI design that lead to harmful patterns of user behavior. I was particularly interested in the second part of it. considerations, which is a clear voice in the recent frequent discussion about the responsibility of the designer for solutions that engage users.

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