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ux thursday

UX Thursday #84

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On the occasion of the birthday of Viktor, the originator of UX Thursdays, we return for a moment to the tradition of immortalizing in graphics a holiday related to food — today Camembert Cheese Day. And the texts in our summary can be a hint on how to avoid wrong design decisions, ensure accessibility in the visual layer and achieve good results in SEO without sacrificing quality in the UX layer. Finally, a few words about... words and an entry from the diary of a certain UX Designer.

Where does bad UX come from?

Ceara Crawshaw demonstrates integrated design processes and discusses their impact on making better UX decisions. IN article The most common causes of UX errors and discussed their impact on the project team. And speaking of impact, it's worth checking postulates Axbom's Pera on understanding the processes of technology's impact on people and the author's proposed impact mapping tool to help designers systematically mitigate negative impressions and reduce exclusionary design.

Proof of concept

On the blog Codilime Tomasz Mika translators issues related to Proof of Concept, arguing why this kind of verification should be a constant part of the digital product development process, on a par with prototype and MVP.

Attention to colors in the design of the application

Lucas Zambelli with Getaround describes the process of fine-tuning the color scheme used in the carsharing app designed by the company. The author shows how the design team faced the issue of accessibility by creating more inclusive guidelines for visual language and refers to the concept of semantic colors that Fabien Gavinet presented in first part series of entries on Getaround colors.

A balanced approach to SEO and UX

Kristine Kalnina suggests how to reconcile UX and SEO requirements when designing a website. IN article you will find concise tips on content length moderation, keyword analysis and optimization of pages for mobile devices.

Words, words, words

Three texts about words that engage our attention. Chris Nielsen explains Wordle phenomenon analyzing design decisions made by the game developer. Miranda Miller enumerates frequent copywriting mistakes and presents counterexamples, encouraging the development of good habits when creating marketing content. Already invoked today by Per Axbom analyzes language of communication used in the Norman Nielsen Group job offer, which made a not the best impression on him.


Proof that UX design is more applicable than digital product design, i.e. relation Ola Kowalewska from planning Easter breakfast in a family circle.

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