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ux thursday

UX Thursday #88

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We wish you a successful celebration of Father's Day. If today's holiday does not concern you in any way, you are left with a handful of readings that we have searched for online. And we recommend articles about methods to ensure the confidentiality of user data, features of Apple competing with popular applications, the advantages of coordinated cooperation between UX and product designer, and an article in which you will learn about the father of Futura. Finally, we propose to decipher the equation, the result of which is to be another version of the global network.

Technologies that enhance privacy

We start by diving into the topic of privacy enhancing technologies (PET). In Computer Weekly you will find commodity Ellison Anne Williams, in which the author tackles misconceptions about PET technology. Luiza Jarovsky analyzes types of data vulnerabilities that negatively affect user privacy — inquisitive readers are likely to be interested too considerations author on the implementation of user data protection already at the design (UX) stage. The editorial staff of Gulf Business adds their three cents to the topic, discussing 5 privacy trends in digital reality, identified by Gartner

Features from Apple

In the Medium resources you will find text Jano le Roux analyzing which features implemented by Apple can take users away from startups. Don't forget to check out the comments — the discussion is an interesting addition to the reading.

History (fonts) by Paul Renner

Neel Dozome from UX Collective, who specializes in typography texts, focuses on the silhouette of Futura's designer, Paul Renner, in presenting Futura's story. Check out the context of the font's creation and which of the Marvel Futura heroes brings to mind Artikel.

UX in product design

On MobileTrends, take a look at text Bartłomiej Drążkiewicz. The author talks about designing products that take into account user experience, compares the roles of product designer and UX designer and points out the advantages of cooperation between these two types of specialists when creating a product.

Web2 + Web3 = Web5

Finally, we recommend two texts inspired by Jack Dorsey's tweet. Rob Díaz from Prototypr explains the idea of a decentralized identity, which is intended to be the answer to the problem of all existing network concepts with ownership of the personal data of their users. Foundations Theme for Web5 engages Tracey Follows on Forbes.

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