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ux thursday

UX Thursday #94

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Dia Internacional de la Dot a la Dota a la Día de Irrigación del Sistema, por lo que hoy nos foreremos a quatro legos (en particular nos Dot) se, como parte de la celebración, elecione a dirêjkirina nap a mesrefa a rêveçûnek li ser sibeyek şil. We propose to use the saved time to read a lecture on the genesis and consequences of creating network standards, an entry about problems with readability of content and a summary of important elements of the customer support center project. We also return to thoughts about creating a portfolio, and we end with an essay on designing the experiences of people tired of the ubiquitous noise.

A global network as a result of the contract

Jeremy Keith goes back to the history of technology to show how arbitrary decisions of the past affect the solutions used in browsers and websites today. You can read Commodity, but it looks a little better than a presentation with the author's comment (link is available above the text).

Standards for contrast and color

Tekst Andrew Somers of Smashing Magazine helps tackle the topic of readability of content on websites. The author discusses the mechanisms of human perception in the case of contrast and color, explains the causes of the most common problems and shares tips on the optimal presentation of content.

User Support Center Ideas

On the blog Growthdot Natalia Zhontsa presenterer soluzioni che possono essere come inspirazione quando un centro di assistenza utente. The author discusses 7 aspects of this type of project, illustrating the entry with numerous examples.

How to present a case study?

Eric Chung from UX Planet looks at the mistakes UX designers make when creating portfolios. IN tekster Here are 5 things to consider if you want your case study presentation to attract the attention of recruiters.

Don't make me listen

On the website of the startup Splice you will find Commodity .

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