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ux thursday

UX Thursday #98

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The inspiration for our graphics were two holidays, which fall on today: the Day of the Numismatists and the Day of the Jeweler. On this day full of sparkles, we will present you with a set of articles that will also give a flash to your products. Among them, among others, about the Figma plugin using artificial intelligence, about the growing profession of UX Writer and the upcoming industry conferences next year.

Artificial intelligence in Figma

Remember the moments you were looking for this the only photo among the available resources. It had to contain specific elements, or maybe it was in the right arrangement and the search did not bring results? We want to present to you an interesting plug, which using the capabilities of artificial intelligence can solve this problem - Ando. This is a great tool that, like the popular DALL-E, generates images based on the given description. It will be great for creating different concepts and testing them. Have fun!

Is UX Writer an Underrated Profession?

Every well-designed interface goes hand in hand with the content it contains. Easily structured messages, effective descriptions and engaging headlines can completely change the way you see your product. The work of a UX Writer is difficult and demanding - so it is worth getting to know this profession better. In his text Anka Budau describes how important and undervalued UX Writers can be, and Glaucja Lopes, based on concrete examples, talks about seven Aspectswhich is worth seeing in this profession.

The best conferences for the coming year

The end of the year is approaching - a period of summaries, resolutions and new beginnings. So we recommend commodity Here are some of the best conferences for the coming year. Designers love to share their knowledge, so it's worth listening to these stories. We recommend participation not only to UX and UI designers, but also to people working with them - managers, developers and marketers. Everyone will find something for themselves.

And finally, we leave you a handful of interesting links full of inspiration:

Creators Atom - the design of the system (which is worth knowing if you do not know it yet), they have recently launched their website, which perfectly combines professionalism with fun. It is full of interesting and colorful interactions that we recommend to experience.

On the medium platform you will find entry collecting attractive and useful examples of the use of white space on websites. You will find many uses in it for empty space, which can be something much more important than an ordinary, unfilled plane.

And in conclusion, we recommend overview of trends for 2023 created by Kirana Tomake. Do you agree with the merits of the proposals presented here? We think that some of these are additionally good practices for improving usability, and micro-interactions and interactive 3D elements are something that can greatly improve the user experience.

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