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ux thursday

UX Thursday #97

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This week we celebrate not only Independence Day, but an inconspicuous individual has its day - a hedgehog!
They do not know about their holiday, because November is the time when they fall into hibernation. However, we will offer you the opportunity to surprise them, for example by supporting this collection. And in today's compilation, a text about how not to stab a customer in the eye with unfriendly messages, an article about preparing a marketing strategy for the upcoming Black Friday, as well as about how big brands cope with communication in crisis situations.

How to alert about errors?

Jenny Nadler talks about it how her team at Wix changed thousands of error messages on the platform in just a month, and how they defined what constituted a good message and what a bad message. For a complete understanding of the problem, we also encourage you to read the article about validation error messages on Baymard Institute. This is a collection of valuable tips that you can immediately incorporate into your work.

A chatbot that meets your business goals

In recent years, chatbots have grown in popularity due to the huge advances in Machine Learning. Devansh Bansal in your article introduces us to different types of chatbots, describes the situations in which their use will work best and describes step by step how to best introduce this new tool into your own business.

Strategies for Black Friday

The holiday season is just around the corner, which is why Erica Santiago describes in his publication 9 marketing strategies to prepare for the upcoming Black Friday. You will learn what steps are worth taking to optimize your offer.

Is the product worth as much as we are willing to pay for it?

We all know that in order to determine the price of a product, it is necessary to know the cost of its production and to calculate the corresponding profit margin. However, some companies evaluate the value of the product perceived by the customer and set prices based on this. AJ Beltis in his article talks about this approach and outlines its pros and cons, and also helps you decide if such a strategy is right for your business.

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