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A new brand has been launched in the lighting industry — iluve.com

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New business project, new brand, original solutions. iluve.com — a new ecommerce player in the lighting industry like never before. IDEACTO agency was responsible for business analysis, brand creation and functional design, while Bold Brand Commerce was responsible for its adaptation and implementation.

The iluve.com project started with an in-depth market analysis including an audit of competition activities with a special focus on the strengths and weaknesses of entities already present on the global market. Its aim was to define the areas of advantages and market differentiators that the created platform should provide.

In the next stage, a series of market research (qualitative and quantitative) was carried out, aimed at understanding the needs of target groups, defining the insights of customers and partners of the iluve.com business project. Maciej Muszyński, Head of the Project Management Department at Ideacto, supervised the implementation of the individual stages of the project.

Based on the collected conclusions, data and thoughts, work began on the foundations of the brand and its practical execution — naming and branding. We wanted to move away from industry-specific names and bring to mind the well-associated Scandinavian design.

“Our goal was to create a name indicative of modernity, catchy, warmly associated and memorable,” says the agency's branding project coordinator Monika Stopczyk.

The naming process included the creation of mind maps, brainstorming, research and workshops with the client. All this led to the birth of a brand called “iluve”.

In parallel, work was underway on the functional design of the platform. The main UX Designer of the project — Wiktor Lipiński in his work used the results of marketing research and a number of methods in the field of design research.. The conclusions and inspirations drawn at the research stage meant that in the process of functional design, solutions were designed that precisely respond to the needs of the store's customers. Among other things, an advanced system of hybrid shopping lists was developed — “a mechanism to propose to the customer light sources that match a specific lighting fixture and a number of amenities on the product card” — says Wiktor Lipiński.

Senior IDEACTO graphic designer Jarosław Brykowicz was responsible for branding and graphic design. The graphic layout refers to designer, Scandinavian interiors — it is bright and modern, and the high contrast has a positive effect on the clarity and readability of the website. The layout of the page was designed to be a natural background for modern lamps.

The implementation process, which was in charge of the Bold team, included in the first place an assortment analysis, allowing to adapt the finished functional design to the client's needs, taking into account both the specifics of the products it sells, as well as the way the Magento 2 system works. Workshops with the client proved necessary in order to determine the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in terms of rapid market launch and product information structure.

“Since the team had only 4 months for analytical and implementation work, it was necessary firstly to select really experienced programmers, and secondly to determine precisely with the client how to implement certain functions, strengthen or modify them so that the implementation runs smoothly and is profitable for business.” — says Robert Żochowski, IT Director at Bold.

In addition, as part of the integration of the Magento platform with the PIM and ERP system, a complete documentation and adaptation of the system API has been prepared. Looking at the scale of the complexity of the whole project and the degree of expansion of the assortment structure, it was not an easy challenge.

At the moment, the system allows not only trouble-free sales regardless of the quantity of the assortment, but also flawless presentation of highly customizable products, ultimately with 4, 5 or even 6 attributes, detailed technical specifications, space for collaboration for architects.

“Working on the iluve.com project took a lot of resources and months of hard work both on our side and on both the platform's contractors. However, thanks to the commitment and deep expert knowledge of the IDEACTO and BOLD team, we managed to realize a project that in our opinion was not yet in the lighting industry!” — says Michał Chojnacki, President of the Management Board of the company behind the project.

The results of the interdisciplinary work of the IDEACTO and BOLD team can be found at iluve.com

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