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Based on a series of interviews with representatives from various departments of the company, we developed requirements, and then based on them, we created a concept along with a frontend design for the organization's collaboration tool.

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1. PREDESIGN analysis

At this stage, we systematize business requirements, analyze the market environment and define the needs and expectations of end users


2. Strategic concept

Based on the gathered information and data from the analytical stage during workshops with the client, we develop a strategic concept for the proposed solution


3. Information Architecture and wireframing

Before proceeding to the final project design, we develop the structure of the solution and define the key relationships between the elements of the proposed solution


4. Graphic Design

Based on the guidelines and semi-finished products developed in earlier stages, we create the final graphic design of the solution


5. Testing and optimization

The generated projects undergo testing with users, and after implementation, we carry out optimization based on available quantitative and qualitative data sources

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